This article contains information on an expected future book. Although Sue Townsend has revealed plans, currently no information on plot and characters has been released. This stub article will be edited if and when more information is available.

In an interview on Leicester hospital station Radio Fox on 5th June 2008, Sue Townsend said that she was writing a new Mole book entitled 'The Prostate Years'. Townsend said that the book was likely to be published in Spring 2009.

Publisher's Details Edit

Penguin Books have since officially announced the title, as due for publication in hardback on 05 November 2009. The Audio CD version will follow in September 2010. [1]

The book will in fact be titled Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years, although it seems the books' plot will indeed involve Adrian experiencing problems with his prostate. Whether the title modification is deliberate or the result of an error is unclear. Of interest is solicited artwork for the paperback book jacket, on which the second letter "r" in "Prostrate" is crossed out [2]

Synopsis of the book found on Penguin website:

Adrian Mole is 39 and a quarter. Unable to afford the mortgage on his riverside apartment, he has been forced to move into a semi-detached converted pigsty next door to his parents, George and Pauline. His ravishing wife Daisy loathes the countryside, longs for Dean Street and has yet to buy a pair of Wellingtons; they are both aware the passion has gone out of their marriage, but neither knows how to reignite the flame. To cap it all off, Adrian is leaving his bed numerous times a night to go to the lavatory and has other alarming symptoms, leading him to suspect prostate trouble.

Meanwhile, his mother thinks that an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show might solve the mystery of her daughter's paternity once and for all. And when George is asked to provide a DNA sample, will the shock kill him? He is already disabled, though still chain smoking and has had an ashtray welded onto the arm of his wheelchair.

As Adrian's worries multiply, a phone call to his old flame Dr Pandora Braithwaite, BA, MA, PhD, MP and Junior Minister in the Foreign Office, ignites memories of a shared passion and makes him wonder - is she the only one who can save him now?

Set in the months either side of Adrian's 40th birthday in April 2008, The Prostrate [sic] Years documents the failure of Adrian's marriage to Daisy, the decline and closure of Hugh Carlton-Palmer's bookshop, and Adrian's fight against Prostate Cancer.

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