Bruce Henderson is a fictional character from the Adrian Mole series of books. He is one of Adrian Mole's old classmates, who he meets at a school reunion. A few months later, Bruce confides to Adrian that he is in love with Adrian Moles ex- fiance (who is carrying Adrian's baby at the time). Adrian advises Brain-Box to win Marigold Flowers's heart and he does so. They then later get married. Shortly before Marigold and Bruce's wedding Adrian finds out that Marigold was faking that she was pregnant, however she tells Bruce that she had a miscarriage. Adrian didn't have the heart to tell anyone the dreadful truth. Bruce runs his own company "Idiotech" which specialises in technology for idiots.

He was mentioned several times in The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, most notably as a rival for Pandora Braithwaite's affections.


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