Daisy Flowers is the eldest daughter of Michael Flowers and Conchita, half-sister of Marigold and Poppy. She becomes Adrian Mole's girlfriend, and eventually his second wife, in the novel Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Daisy's mother, Conchita, was a Mexican immigrant who left Michael for another man when Daisy was very young. Daisy never quite got on with her stepmother, Netta Flowers, resenting Netta's New Age spirituality and deliberate frugality; she also refused to embrace her father's humanist, vegetarian lifestyle. As the rebel of the Flowers family, Daisy has a very different temperament from her sisters, being hedonistic, carefree and sensual. Her appearance is described as being like a slimmer Nigella Lawson, with a Latino complexion and black hair. She works as a public relations agent, serving a variety of art and showbuisness clients.

Adrian is dating Marigold when he first meets Daisy, and almost immediately falls in love with her. They engage in a text-message correspondance heavy with sexual metaphors based on Mr. Kipling confections. Daisy invites him to an art exhibition in London where she seduces him. When Marigold says she is pregnant with Adrian's child, and he unwillingly agrees to marry her for the sake of the baby, Daisy leaves him; however, their mutual desire is strong enough to reunite them, and they have an affair behind Marigold's back. It is Daisy who discovers that Marigold is faking her supposed pregnancy. Adrian's parents are very fond of Daisy, finding her vastly preferable to her sister.

Marigold eventually marries Bruce (Brain-Box) Henderson, with Daisy as a bridesmaid. During his best man's speech, Adrian tactlessly proclaims that he and Daisy are lovers. She is humiliated and flees the wedding.

At the end of Weapons of Mass Destruction, one year later, Daisy has returned to Adrian; they are married, and have a baby girl named Gracie. Daisy advises her husband against starting a new diary, since she doubts that other people will find his current, happy life to be interesting.

Daisy finally leaves Adrian for the local landowner in The Prostrate Years while Adrian is undergoing chemotherapy for his prostate cancer.

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