Alun Armstrong, who portrays George in BBC TV series Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years

Biography Edit

George Mole (born 1940) is father of Adrian Mole, and has divorced and remarried Pauline Mole more than once.He used to sell electric storage heaters, but he was made redundant about the same time ran off with Mr.Lucas. During this time, he dated Doreen Slater. After having passionate affairs, Pauline and George get back together and remarry. Pauline has another child, Rosie Mole (later Rosie Lucas) and lies, saying it is George's child. Rosie's paternity isn't proved for many years, and during this period Pauline leaves George yet again for Ivan Braithwaite, father of Pandora Braithwaite. George is offered refuge at The Lawns (the Braithwaite family home) By Tania Braithwaite, mother of Pandora Braithwaite, as he is thrown out of the Mole family home to make room for Ivan. Soon, George and Tania are engaged in a passionate affair, and George helps Tania create her dream garden, but breaks his spine trying to construct a pagoda. He is mended, but the wound in his back contracts a super bug, and he is forced to stay in hospital for over a year. He eventually comes out, and gets back together with Pauline for good, Ivan having died on his honeymoon with Pauline by unfortunately drowning. They get married for the third time, and construct two house on the site of two knocked down pigsties. George breaks his back and is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and suffers numerous strokes. Pauline, George, Rosie and Mr Lucas go on the Jeremy Kyle show and Rosie's father is proved (by the use of DNA tests) to be Mr Lucas. George is horrified, as Rosie "was always his favourite".

Character Edit

George is, like both of Adrian's parents, sometimes tactless and inefficient. He has no qualms about showing favouritism for his three (thought to be) children, as demonstrated above. He doesn't enjoy talking about his feelings and wants his son to be a 'real man' - like a computer technician. One of his less attractive qualities is his openly saying that he married Adrian's mother Pauline because 'at that time, miniskirts were in fashion, and your mother had superb legs and thighs.' That said, he is devastated when his wife runs off with a series of men, though he takes advantage of her absence to have many more affairs himself.


Adrian Mole George and Adrian have a difficult relationship, as George openly prefers his other children, especially his daughter, to his eldest son. They disagree on many things when Adrian is younger, their tastes being different in everything from literature to career advice. As little as Adrian wants to emulate his father, they do have some similar qualities. Their relationship improves when Adrian gets older. Adrian is supportive of his father during his mother's third fling (with his childhood girlfriend's father) and openly disapproves of his mother's behaviour, although this might be linked to her no longer being able to babysit his son. As Adrian grows less radical and more conservative with age, his and George's views increasingly coincide. Adrian is appreciative of George being his father and what he did for him as a child, to the point that he doesn't want to know who his real father might be.

Pauline Mole Pauline Mole is his erstwhile and often occasional first wife. Though Pauline and George split up and have multiple affairs over the years, they always end up living back together again. As a child, their son frequently complains of their drinking and smoking habits, being a strongly sentimental anti-smoker himself. Their frequent affairs often come back to haunt them; both father illegitimate children with their first lovers, and when Ivan and Tania Braithwaite split up so that Ivan can begin cohabitating with Pauline, George marries Tania, meaning that the two will frequently rub shoulders. Despite the fact that they spend the majority of their years living together despite three or four affairs (mainly begun by Pauline), they seem to be frequently fighting when Adrian is a child, drinking and smoking a lot. George said that he made a mistake in marrying Pauline, by letting 'a woman's body blind you to her character and habits'. Despite this, George apparently still adores his wife and is devastated when his wife has her many affairs.

Brett Slater Brett is George's illegitimate son, fathered with Doreen Slater, George's short term girlfriend when Adrian is fourteen. He is a virtually non-existent character for most of the series, as his mother Doreen moves away and then abroad. However, he comes back 19 years later, and he and George immediately bond, despite Brett's obvious character flaws.

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