Born April 18th 1985, Glenn is Adrian's first and illegitimate son. His mother is Sharon Bott, and he was proved to be Adrian's son through a DNA test. In Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction he joins the British Army for the war in Iraq. He befriends an army colleague - Private Robbie Stainforth, who later dies - and experiences the true horrors of war. In Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years, he meets a girl called Finley-Rose in Dude's Nightclub while on leave. Adrian describes her to be "beautiful and articulate" and has eight GCSEs. Glenn proposes to Finley, and she becomes pregnant, making Adrian a grandfather (although the birth would take plcae after the events of that book).

Facts: Glenn keeps a diary, like his father before him.

Glenn has a great fondness for cheese and onion crisps.

As a teenager, Glenn had absurdly thin legs.

Although he appears stupid, Glenn writes poetry.

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