Hamish Mancini is an American boy mentioned in the first three Adrian Mole books. He befriends Adrian Mole on a holiday to Loch Lomond and the two later exchange written correspondence. However, Hamish, a resident of Cape Cod, is later used in passing in the later novels.

Hamish appears to be obsessed with des reses - constant references are made to the 'cute little thatched cottage' that Adrian supposedly lives in, e.g. this email fromMay 5th 2001 in Lost Diaries:

"I seen the weekly news round-up today, oh boy! There was crowds of crazy reds an' anarchists rioting in London town. When's it gonna be safe for me and mom to visit? I wanna vacation in that cute thatched cottage you live in."

The Cappucino YearsEdit

On April 1st, Adrian recieves a letter supposedly from the BBC regarding his comedy series ''The White Van''. Adrian gets very excited about the prospect of his work being on television until he recieves a postcard later in the month saying 'April Fools, Nebbish...' - 'Nebbish' meaning a person who is often luckless. The postcard has 'a Cape Cod postmark'. This suggests that Hamish was the perpetrator.

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