Maud Lillian (Queenie) Baxter (née unknown) (??? 1903/1904- December 7, 1982) is an old woman (aged 78 in 1982) whom Adrian Mole meets when she knits a balaclava for him for a youth club survival trip. She meets Bert Baxter during his tenure in the Alderman Cooper Sunshine Home, where Queenie also resided at the time, and the two quickly fall in love and marry several months later, causing Queenie to become Bert's second wife. She and Bert enjoy a year of happy marriage (during which she experiences a stroke), until she dies on December 7, 1982, from a stroke in her sleep.

Queenie is described by Adrian Mole as being 'one of those loud types of old ladies who dye their hair and try to look young'. This description is somewhat warranted, on one occasion, Queenie asks for her pot of rouge before being taken away in an ambulance when she experiences a stroke.

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