The Lost Diaries begins with a foreword by the protagonist, Adrian Mole. He explains that the diaries were lost when an over enthustiastic policeman dragged him from his bed at citing David Blunkett's anti-terrorism bill. When Mole was cleared of all charges, Adrian got them back. This then leads into the novel.

The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole 1999-2001
Date diary startedNovember 26 1999
Date diary endedNovember 26, 2001- January 24, 2002
Previous bookAdrian Mole The Cappuccino Years
next bookAdrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction

This book is the official compilation of the material originally published as Diary of a Provincial Man. It was released in October 2008.

Disappointingly, it was not edited to bring it into line with the continuity of the chronologically later Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. As a result, this book may be regarded as occuring in a divergent reality.

The diaries, as the title suggests, focus on Adrian's life between November 1999, and November 2001. Though there was also one entry dated January 24, 2002. The diaries cover a lot of the same topics as the previous novel, Adrian Mole: the Cappuccino Years, such as: his divorce from African princess Jo-Jo, his illegitimate son Glenn Bott-Mole, and his son William Mole's nursery. It also has some brief refernces to his Offal cookery show, Offally Good! and Offally Good-The Book! The diary lacked a true storyline and backbone

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